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Griffe & Stock is partner FIF

Griffe & Stock is accredited to the Italian Franchising Federation (FIF) , additional reliability for potential affiliates. The FIF represents the most attendible companies, trusted and serious, and it's the only association of franchise and franchisors in Italy, which operates with national institutions, regional and european, and favors the growth policy of companies with fundings.

Being a member of the Italian Franchising Federation guarantees the seriousness and the professionality of a company, and gives a competitive plus value to the new company associated. Furthermore, the partnership to FIF, requires observance of Ethic Code, and of the Law 129/06 dated 6th May 2004, and that's what gives the member an higher level of credibility and reliability in trade relations.

Published on wednesday, 10 August 2011

Griffe and Stock News

Griffe & Stock in the panorama of Italian Championship

A reality as Griffe & Stock could not link its name to the most beloved sport by italians, the football. The first important sponsorship was in July 2010, the 24th , at the San Vito di Cosenza Stadium, at the football match between Juventus and Lyon. In theat occasion, the brand Griffe & Stock was seen by champions like Amauri, Trezeguet , Diego, Del Piero, Pepe.. 

After that experience, the brand enter in the panorama of italian championship on august 2010, on the 30th night, at the Dall'Ara Stadium, for the first competion of the year between Bologna and Inter. It was a big match, really followed, that marked the debut of Rafael Benitez as the new coach of Inter. All these exhilarating experienxe gave great visibility to our brand, so we are broadening our horizons, maybe to Italian Cup, Champions League and the Italian national team.

Published on Thursday 24 March 2011

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The franchise Griffe & Stock today boast 62 retail stores in Italy.

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we promote our brand in the panorama on Italian Championship.

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